iOS Smart App Banner For Safari Plugin

This WordPress plugin gives you an easy way to add a Smart App Banner for your app (or any iOS app) to any of your pages. What sets this plugin above the others out there is that it makes it easy to add your app, affiliate identifier, affiliate campaign name and deep link app arguments. You can change any of these parameters for each page on your WordPress site.e

It is really easy to get up and running! Just download and install the plugin from the WordPress Plugins site, then edit any page that you would like to have a Smart App Banner displayed for and enter the App Store ID for the app.

Step 1. Add the iOS App Store App ID for the app that you want to display on the current page/post:



Step 2. Add in an optional Affiliate Code, Affiliate Campaign and App Argument for deep linking.



Step 3. Enjoy seeing your Smart App Banner when viewing your page using a mobile Safari browser.



If this plugin has saved you time please consider donating a portion of the time = money that you have saved using the secure PayPal link below:

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